As a business we have a responsibility to the environment within the realms and regulations of what we do. Since opening the clinic, we are working hard to reduce over-all single-use plastic and reduce our impact on the environment and look for new ways to improve.


What we are doing so far....


Biodegradable bin bags and aprons.

Reduced our bin collections to help reduce unnecessary bin lorry visits.

Toucan Eco natural cleaning solution which uses salt and water

to produce a safe, environmentally friendly disinfectant.


Disposable 'fab little bags' for use in our toilets

help keep sanitary waste out of rivers and oceans and keeps our bins clean and hygienic.


Bulk buy/refillable products to reduce waste.

Single use, washable hand towels to reduce paper towel waste.

Lots of plants to improve air quality and provide a relaxing and stress reducing environment. Our patients know we love a good plant, we've been gifted 2 plants already

and have been given another 2 for re-homing, amazing!! We love them so muchthank you.




We strive for better clinical health, less toxins, reduced consumption

and less waste in everything we do.

If you have any suggestions or ways we can improve, please let us know.