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Osteopath at Work


We opened our doors in September 2020 and are thoroughly enjoying supporting the local community and surrounding areas by making osteopathy services more widely available to improve patients' quality of life.

We continually strive to deliver the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and we are continually making changes at the clinic to enhance the patient experience. So far we have added bright, new, solar lights along the walkway to/from the clinic and have just added a brand new heater in the waiting room to keep it toasty and warm.

We meet and treat wonderful, inspiring people on a daily basis and it's not only a pleasure to help them, but they also help to shape our practice. What matters to you, matters to us and we ask our patients to give us honest feedback through anonymous questionnaires. This helps improve patient care by making adjustments in the clinical experience from a patients point of view, as well as continuing to deliver the high standards we have already given ourselves.


So far through patient feedback, we have we have added a seat in the changing area, an extended length shoe horn and have larger towels available for patient coverage/warmth/additional privacy.




The Tools You Need


Patient specific treatment


Putting You First


Support you require

Swedish Massage





As a business we have a responsibility to the environment within the realms and regulations of what we do. Since opening the clinic, we are working hard to reduce over-all single-use plastic and reduce our impact on the environment and look for new ways to improve.


What we are doing so far....

  • Biodegradable bin bags and aprons

  • Reduced our bin collections to help reduce unnecessary bin lorry visits

  • Toucan Eco natural cleaning solution which uses salt and water to produce a safe, environmentally friendly disinfectant

  • Disposable 'fab little bags' for use in our toilets help keep sanitary waste out of rivers and oceans and keeps our bins clean and hygienic

  • Bulk buy/refillable products to reduce waste

  • Single use, washable hand towels to reduce paper towel waste

  • Lots of plants to improve air quality and provide a relaxing and stress reducing environment. Our patients know we love a good plant, we've been gifted 5 plants already, amazing!! We love them so muchthank you.

We will continue to strive for better clinical health, less toxins, reduced consumption

and less waste in what we do.

If you have any suggestions or ways we can improve, please do let us know.

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