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What you may want to know before your appointment


Patients attend with a variety of problems and each treatment is specific and designed for you as an individual.


The practitioner will ask you a series of questions and take detailed information about your pain and discomfort as well as  your medical history (past and present). Some questions may seem personal or irrelevant but are all important and they help us to understand a detailed picture about you and anything that could be contributing to your pain and general health. It helps if you bring information about any scans eg MRI/X-ray as well as a list of medication with you.

We would like to examine you and this will include having a look and a feel of the tissues in the area of discomfort as well as surrounding areas and also asking you to perform certain movements where possible. The practitioner will perform these movements in different positions, some will be standing, some seated and some laying on the treatment couch. This helps us to identify what is causing you pain and will help us form a diagnosis and decide what type of treatment will help you.

Your practitioner will discuss the findings of their examination with you to help you understand what is causing your pain or discomfort. We will explain the treatment we think will be suitable and answer any questions that you may have. We will with your consent then treat you. We can use a wide range of techniques to suit each patient.

The practitioner will always do their best to help reduce your pain and discomfort, this may mean the practitioner will recommend follow-up appointments, they will discuss this with you.

During your treatment it may be necessary for you to be undressed to your underwear to enable the practitioner to assess your over all posture and how this effects your condition. Should you feel uncomfortable about this, please bring some shorts and a vest top to wear during your appointment. If you do not wish to undress, please wear something loose and comfortable. Getting the right treatment is important, clothing should not be a barrier to you getting the support you need to reduce your pain. We have shorts available for patients to wear if you would like them. 


You do not need a doctors referral to book an appointment and start treatment. It is helpful for a doctor to be aware you are having treatment and should you have an appointment already booked with your doctor, please mention this, it is always best to keep them informed.


Unfortunately, in the local area, osteopathic services are not offered as treatment options on the NHS and will need to be paid for privately. We will keep you informed should this change.

On some occasions we may wish to refer you to a doctor before treating you, or we may wish to confirm with your doctor that treatment is the best course of action for you prior to commencing treatment. If you have any queries, please just ask.


Yes, we are happy for you to bring a family member or friend to your appointment if you feel you need one. Due to COVID-19 safety and infection control reasons, please only bring one other person with you.


At present we do not offer treatment through any insurance companies, we will however give you a receipt for your treatment which you can present to your insurance company as proof of attendance. It is advisable to check with specific insurance companies that they will accept this prior to treatment. Payment for all treatments will be required from the patient at the time of the appointment.



Free 15 minute Appointment

If you are unsure how osteopathy can help, or whether it is the right sort of treatment, book a free 15 minute phone consultation and talk with our osteopath to discuss your concerns.

First Osteopathy Appointment

£85 up to 90 minutes

First osteopathy appointments include full medical history, case history of symptoms, examination and diagnostic tests. Following this, a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made and discussed prior to treatment. Treatment will usually commence during this appointment (unless a GP referral is needed first).

Follow up Appointment

£50 30 minutes

Following on from the first appointment and based upon the initial findings, treatment can then be carried out. The number of treatments you have and how often you attend will vary, this can be discussed and amended as treatment progresses, this is specific to each individual.

Extended Appointment/Re-Assessment

£70 60 minutes

Patients with more than one complaint as well as those who prefer additional treatment time may request a longer appointment.


Patients who present with a completely new complaint, or who have not attended for more than 2 years will need to be re-examined and will require a longer appointment to discuss the new area/symptoms as well as allow time for treatment.

Cancellation Policy

Patients who wish to cancel their appointment, can do so by ringing our reception team (0115 9373401). Please note that patients who do not give us 24 hours notice of cancelling their appointments will incur a £20 late cancellation charge. Late notice cancellations prevents patients who need appointments from being able to book in, as well as making our staff travel unnecessarily to and from the clinic. Please be considerate and where possible cancel your appointment with at least 24 hours notice so we can book others into these slots.


As part of your treatment, you will be able to receive appointment booking confirmations and reminders. These communications help to ensure you do not forget your appointments and can cancel within the 24 hour notice period without incurring the late cancellation charge.

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